Tenant Selection

Tenant Selection

This is the most important step in the entire leasing process.

The following is our tenant application procedure and what we do to ensure you are provided with correct information in order to select the most appropriate tenant for your property.

Application Forms

  • All tenants that wish to be considered for any of our rental properties are required to complete a Tenancy Application Form.
  • This form asks for information relating to current and previous rental property (if applicable), current and previous employment details and character references.
  • Tenants are also required to supply our office with 100 points of identification to verify their identity.
  • Once the form has been completed and signed (Privacy Laws require applicant to sign to confirm our Privacy Disclosure Statement, Collection Notice, Privacy Consent, Declaration of Property Condition and TRA Disclosure) it is submitted for processing.
  • Application forms are only processed once the applicant has viewed the property.

Application Processing

  • A member of our staff will contact the references on the numbers provided to confirm the validity of the information submitted by the applicant.
  • Our staff has a specific list of questions that they ask referees when checking a tenants application.
  • Each conversation with each referee is documented in order to relay the information provided onto you to ensure accuracy.

TRA (Trading Reference Australia)

  • Every applicant that applies for a rental property through our office is checked against the Trading Reference Australia (TRA) database.
  • TRA is a database that allows us to check the credit or tenancy history of tenants.
  • TRA is used by both Real Estate Agents and Credit/Financial Institutions Australia wide.
  • If a tenant is listed on TRA there will be specific reasons stated as to why they are listed (eg. Tenant may have absconded from a previous rental and left the owing a debt to the landlord).
  • To complete a TRA check, all the tenants information is entered into the database (including drivers licence number, passport number, etc) to ensure the accuracy of the search.
  • Once a search has been completed, we print out a TRA certificate which states that the tenant is or is not listed on TRA.
  • If a tenant is not listed, we would submit the application to you. If a tenant is listed, we would not submit their application to you.

Application Submission

  • Once all applications received have been processed and TRA certificates printed, you will be contacted by your Property Manager to select a tenant.
  • All information will be relayed from all applications (TRA search dependant) to you in order to assist with your decision.
  • The decision on who moves into your property is yours entirely.
  • Our office will of course assist you in making your decision should you have questions about the calibre of the applicants, but you make the decision on who is approved.
  • We always recommend that you choose an applicant that you are comfortable with and not necessarily the tenant that offers the most rent or can move into the property quickest.
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