Our Story - The Business from Birth to Wow!


Peter Mosedale and Lachlan Yeates were schoolmates at Pittwater House, little did they know back then that this friendship would flourish into a thriving business partnership known as Raine&Horne Dee Why/Collaroy.

Lachlan was the first to be attracted to Real Estate at the tender age of 19, where he learned the ropes at Varney’s The Professionals in Dee Why under the supervision of David Gilmour. Pete launched his career a little later at the age of 22, under the guidance of Karen Ford at LJ Hooker in Newport. 

Things really started taking off for them when they reunited at Harbord Real Estate in 2000 in an office that was an absolute powerhouse in the region. They rose quickly to become two of the top performers in an office that consistently held an incredible 50% market share.  

In 2003, aged 25 and firmly established as two of the top performers in their core area, Pete and Loch jumped on an opportunity to buy into a small business owned and operated by David Gilmour and his wife Cheryl. The business then grew exponentially from 100 managements and a staff of 5, to 350 managements and a staff of 18. Within short space of 4 years they were recognised as the #2 office in the Raine&Horne Network.

In 2007 the Raine&Horne franchise rights for Dee Why became available. Pete and Lachlan instantly knew the brand was the perfect fit for them, so they made a move. They approached the oldest and most established Real Estate Agency on the beaches, Weight and Co, a family owned company that had been spanned three generations since 1922.

A deal was done and exchange took place literally two months before the Global Financial Crisis. The business settled in January 2008 and was rebranded Raine&Horne Dee Why. To accommodate the new business and ensure its smooth transition and success, they acquired its staff as well as 750 property managements which included 200 commercial properties. At the same time Vincent West crossed over from CBRE to help establish Raine&Horne Commercial Northern Beaches, creating a team of 36 virtually overnight.

By 2012 Vincent West joined the partnership as owner and operator of the commercial business, David Gilmour exited as an equity partner, and the company now had three offices (Collaroy, Dee Why and Raine&Horne Commercial Northern Beaches) all ranked top 10 within the Raine&Horne franchise Australia-wide.

The business continued to grow and strengthen, then in 2014 it acquired further office space in the Dee Why premises to create a three-floor “super office” where the entire company can thrive under one roof as Raine&Horne Dee Why/Collaroy (R&HDWC). Now the ball was really rolling, and we started getting really serious about real estate.

In 2015 the Bridge Real Estate rent roll (trading under the CBRE banner) was acquired along with their long standing staff. In 2018 Geoff Pickering moved over to join the team and his rent roll was acquired as well.

By 2017 the office rose to Number 1 in the Raine&Horne network. The full time staff bulged to 55, over 1,700 properties were managed and 420 proerties were exchanged. Buoyed on by continuing success and identifying further expansion opportunities in niche markets, Raine&Horne projects and TriBeCa Design Company were launched.

Raine&Horne Dee Why/Collaroy is a thriving enterprise that’s constantly evolving, always moving forward and embracing new opportunities. Here’s a few interesting statistics on where it stands today –

  • 50% of our staff play infrastructure support roles and don’t deal direct with client’s. We generate over 13 million in turnover.
  • With 38% market share, we are the clear market leaders in commercial property on the Northern Beaches.
  • We’ve sold over 80 projects.
  • We manage more property on the Northern Beaches than any other agent.
  • We have sold nearly double the amount of property as our nearest competitor in residential sales.
  • The company has been trading on the northern beaches since 1922, within a short time will celebrate its centenary.

Although immensely proud of our beginnings, journey and achievements, we remain humble yet still feel we have a lot more to achieve. In keeping our commitment to grow the business and provide the finest platform to thrive and succeed in real estate, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be moving to our brand new, purpose-built, next-generation office in 2019. It will mark an exciting new chapter in our evolution and provide a springboard for us to elevate us above our competition.

We are clear on our vision and our “Everest” mission – “We aim to create, facilitate and sustain the finest working environment in real estate to attract the best talent so we can all grow stronger together.” ….

“We’re just getting started - you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

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