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Tony Freeth

Tony Freeth - Raine & Horne Snowy Mountains

Tony Freeth

Principle - Raine & Horne Snowy Mountains

Tony grew up in Adelaide and was educated at St Peter’s College, then traveled the world wasting his youth before seeing opportunities in Guthega, when Guthega was …….Guthega. Tony hired the first snowboard hired in Australia, one of six in the shop, even though the shop owner at the time told him having snowboards was a waste of time.

From the small shop at Guthega, Tony now owns and operates a number of ski hires: the BP Ski Hire, Snow City at the Caltex Ski Hire, and Monster Sports and Leesville, as well as operating the ski hire for the Department of Sport and Recreation at Jindabyne. The ski hire businesses now employ over 40 staff, some of whom have worked in the business for more than a decade. As well as experience in business management this background also gives Tony an excellent working knowledge of the ski industry, wholesaling, and working with tour operators.

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