Can a sustainable garden add value to your property?

Published  over 2 years

With spring gardens around the country now making way for summer, an environmentally friendly garden could be that little something extra that adds immeasurable value to your home. While Australia certainly isn’t facing the water crisis of a few years ago, there are some regions still tackli...

Will a Pet Friendly Investment Property Increase Returns?

Published  almost 3 years

Some may moult fur and hair on carpets and scratch up floors, but the chances are you could be making your investment property a whole lot more attractive to a larger market of tenants by accommodating their pets. To put this advice into perspective, a recent blog from Mortgage Choice reveal...


Property Valuation Vs Appraisal

Published  almost 3 years

Property Valuation Vs Appraisal Posted Wed 05/08/2015 When you want to sell your property you are likely to come across with two terms – Valuation and Appraisal. Whilst the outcome is similar there is difference between valuation and appraisal. By way of formal valuation, the actual val...

What are the rules I need to know when buying a home at auction?

Published  about 3 years

Auctions are a great way to sell a home, but for the uninitiated auction buyer, the process can be somewhat intimidating. However, click here for some simple tips to make sure your auction bidding reaches a successful conclusion. June, 2015 by raineandhorne

How do I establish the right price for my rental property?

Published  about 3 years

Getting the weekly rental price right is critical to the success of your investment property. It’s a balancing act where charging too much might make the property unappealing to potential tenants. On the flipside, charging too little can reduce your profits, and if you’re paying a mortgage, it c...


Picking the right time for a rent increase

Published  about 3 years

Timing is a factor that quite often fail to realise when making the decision to increase rent. As the end of the year approaches many people including tenants begin thinking about change, whether is a new job, a new direction or just something simple, the end of a year has that effect on people....

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