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Tanya McNamara

Director of Operations

Adelaide City

Years spent working in finance in managerial roles and being an investor have prepared Tanya to take on the role of Director of Operations for Raine&Horne Adelaide City. Being able to understand the needs of clients, vendors, landlords and tenants has seen Tanya transition from the private sector working for large international businesses to working with her husband Trinity McNamara to build a business to be proud of. 

Working for ourselves means that we have added incentive to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied and being offered the highest quality service, along with the support of one of Australia's oldest family firms. We make strides to ensure that the reputation surrounding Real Estate Agents and Property Managers is changing for the better.

Ensuring that all of our clients receive the service  way above they pay for is only a small reason why we excel where other agencies may fall short.