Montano Strata Management


“Our beliefs and values are built on strong foundations...”

Since entering the industry at age 18, I have always believed when a client places the trust of managing their property in our hands, we must always act professionally and with integrity, while leaving nothing to chance. This approach has ensured exceptional results for our clients, every time.

The key to providing this level of service lies in the quality and commitment of the team entrusted with your property. At Raine & Horne Strata Management, our experienced team cares about your property and your needs. We care that your investment is well maintained and your fund is returning a healthy profit. We believe in communicating effectively with you and offering sound advice and investment strategies.

When it comes to our values and office culture, we operate much like a big family; with an ethos based on honesty, empathy and compassion. Our unique office culture has created a sense of belonging and caring for our personnel that provides them with a foundation to achieve better results for our clients. In fact, what sets us apart from the competition and the reason why our clients enjoy using our services, are these values.

I trust the understanding gained from the information contained in the following pages will help explain who we are more fully and provide you with detailed information on our range of Strata Management services. Our aim is to make the process of managing your Owner’s Corporation worry free and financially rewarding for you.

We look forward to working with you and hope you will also become one of our satisfied clients.

Kind regards,
Vincent Montano
Managing Director