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Cats and new Council By-Laws

Published 4 days ago

Adelaide Hills and Mt Barker Councils are in the process or ramping up control measures to ensure that owners of cats are more responsive to Community needs. Please make sure you are fully aware of the Cat By-laws in your Council area so that you will not be adversely affected. The following lin...


What is 'paying rent in advance'?

Published 2 months ago

In a simple comparison, paying rent in advance is like doing the shopping. When you pick and put your groceires into your shopping trolley or basket, you then proceed to the check-out and pay for them. Typically this shopping may last for a week or maybe two weeks. Paying rent in advance is no d...


Bushfire Prevention

Published 3 months ago

See the Mt Barker Council for the Newsletter.  The newsletter also include the Council's next Free Green Waste day (Conditions apply).


Tenant Tips - Mould

Published 3 months ago

Common issues we face when inspecting rental properties are issues about mould, blockages, marks on walls, cleaning shower screens and tiles or grout, carpets and the list goes on. When you are new to renting no-one ever tells you how to rectify or prevent some of these things from occuring! So I...


Fixed or Periodic lease… which is best?

Published 5 months ago

Let’s talk about the differences of both lease types first… A periodic lease is a lease that has a start date but no set end date- it goes on until lawfully terminated by either the tenant or the landlord. A fixed term lease is one what has both start date and an end date. A fixed term lease can...


The Pros and Cons of Pets in Rentals

Published 6 months ago

Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to allowing pets in your rental property. Yes, there are negatives to pets, such as potential damage to your property, but there are also positives. Responsible pet owners can be great tenants. The first thing to consider is the type of investment...


Which Insurance is Best For Me?

Published 7 months ago

Adelaide Hills Property Management has had to deal with a number of insurance companies this week. With freezing pipes and flooding laundries…. it’s been an interesting time. So what insurances do you need? Being a tenant or a landlord will mean a very big difference to the type of home insuranc...


Preparing your home for the winter chill…

Published 7 months ago

Here are a few ideas to get your house ready for winter.   Keeping out the cold Do all your doors and windows fit snuggly? Fitting weather strips around gaps in the doors and windows are a great idea (those door snakes work well for that gap in the door if you can handle them tripping you up fo...



Published 8 months ago

So, you have been approved to have a pet at your rental. How do you best demonstrate to your landlord that you are a responsible pet owner? Here are a few tips: Be house proud. Maintain a high standard of cleanliness, cleaning up and disposing of any animal waste as soon as possible (in a plasti...


What You Should Do About Negative Gearing Changes

Published 8 months ago

A deadline of January 1st 2020 has been set for the Labors controversial negative gearing tax changes and cut back the capital gains tax concessions. Although Labor has not won the election yet or the changes have not been passed by an unpredictable Parliament, many people are worried. So, how ...


Any EGGS-CUSE for Chocolate!

Published 9 months ago

Easter is the best excuse to indulge in a little chocolate… or maybe a lot of chocolate! To celebrate Easter, here are a few chocolatey fun facts. According to a survey carried out by the National Confectioners Association, 76 per cent of people eat their Easter bunny ears first, while only 5 ...


Fungi is not such a fun-guy

Published 10 months ago

As we hit the cooler weather the risk of mould increases and these tiny spores can be a big problem. With moisture, heat, darkness and a lack of airflow being the best friend of mould and mildew, there is no doubt that winter is prime time to keep an eye on this issue. A fungal growth within the...