Paying your rent

Rental payments and water payments are to be made into our company Trust Account. You may do this via Direct Debit (eft), with Bpay via your rent card, directly into the NAB or take your rent card to the Post Office. When you are making a payment, please make sure your tenant code is noted so the funds can be correctly allocated. Your tenant code can be found on your rent cards, being a 13 digit number starting with 9999. Please use this code even if you are paying via EFT. Please ensure that your payments reach us on or before the due date.  

Understanding ‘Rent in Advance’

As part of your tenancy agreement you are required to pay your rent 2 weeks in advance. If you were required to pay a 2 week deposit at the start of your tenancy, this will pay for the first 2 weeks from when you take up occupancy of the property. On the 14th day you will be required to pay for the next 2 weeks of rent and so on. Your 2 weeks rent pays for the forthcoming fortnight.   

Zero Tolerance Policy for Late Rentals

At Adelaide Hills Property Management we pride ourselves on careful tenant selection and screening processes. Prospective tenants are approved ONLY on the grounds that we are confident that the rent will be paid on time, every time and the property is looked after. Unfortunately, a minority of tenants still get behind in their rent. We understand this may be for a variety of reasons from bank errors to financial hardship. We like to think we are approachable so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with payments of rent or the water account. The worst thing to do is to stay silent.

If your rent is late and you have not notified us we will follow-up via SMS, phone calls and emails. This causes many people to get upset and embarrassed. However, we do not apologise for such action as the lease, signed by you, states very clearly that the rent must be paid on time. In many cases your landlord has taken out a mortgage and has approved your application ONLY on the grounds your rent will be paid on time…every time! Therefore if you think your rent may be late YOU MUST notify us at least 3 working days before that payment is due. This will allow us to warn your landlord so that they can prepare to make other arrangements for that payment.

Should we not be contacted, our policy is as follows…

  •      3 Days Late - We will send you an SMS Text.
  •      5-7 Days Late/behind in rent - phone call or personal visit
  •      7-12 Days Late - phone call or personal visit
  •      15-16 Days Late – Breach of Tenancy Notice is issued
  •      EVICTION will follow if the problem is not remedied!


Paying Rent over holidays at any NAB ATM.

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You can pay your rent at any NAB ATM over the holidays, or after hours if you miss the office opening hours!

Make sure you have the correct cash as you cannot get change. Also bring our account detials (BSB 085 745 Acct 841 053 465) and your 13 digit tenant code. You do not have to be a NAB customer to use the ATM and this service.

  1. Press the 'Deposit Without a card' on the screen at any smart ATM
  2. Press 'Deposit cash' on the screen
  3. Press 'Enter BSB and Account Number'
  4. Type in the BSB then the Account number on the keypad (no dashes or spaces)
  5. USe the keypad to add your reference number
  6. Press the 'Print Receipt' option on the screen (this will be your only proof of payment)
  7. The ATM will ask you to enter your cash in the slot which will open, will then count the cash and you will need to confirm the amount paid.
  8. Wait for the process to finish and for your receipt to be printed.