RH ASHFIELD Monthly Property Newsletter 2020


(Updated every end of month)

The World is Changing But Our Commitment To You Hasn’t

This month, we sold our first property at Auction that did not take place on site or in a crowded room, yet the support and result was the positive outcome we always strive for. Saturdays have never been busier for our Property Management team, managing between the traditional one-on-one private inspections, as well as, meet-and-greets via video.

With a combination of new technologies, old-school sales skills and pre-app mortgages, vendors are still finding motivated buyers for their properties. With interest rates at historic lows, people with pre-app mortgages, deposit saved and a secured job are out there in the market ready to buy now!

Our job is still to find these people and bring them together. With public inspections on hiatus, our private inspections no longer keeps agents standing at the door collecting names and numbers. Our agents are engaging with both buyers and tenants alike, allowing our agents to take the time to understand what their customer needs, build a better rapport and bring a more positive outcome for all involved.

As agents, we have a responsibility to secure and/or manage the largest investment of one’s lifetime. As a Principal, I have a responsibility to ensure my staff are supported and have the resources to circumnavigate any hurdle in order for them to continue delivering quality customer service.

We understand that it has been a challenging month as we all deal with the uncertainties, but rest assured, we are all in this together and our top priority at Raine & Horne Ashfield is still to help you achieve your property goals!