Bankstown, NSW

Bankstown is a suburb in south-western Sydney, NSW, about 20km south-west of Sydney’s CBD. It is also the administrative centre of the local government area of the City of Bankstown.

Bankstown has one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Australia, with more than 60 different languages spoken by its residents.

Bankstown's central business district is clustered around Bankstown Railway Station. The commercial area beside the railway station is known as Bankstown Plaza, while the ethnic diversity of the area has created a host of great restaurants, eateries and cafes.

Centro Bankstown (previously known as Bankstown Square), is a large shopping centre (the Mall), immediately to the northeast of the railway station. The Bankstown Central Library has been serving Bankstown on its present site in The Mall since 1954.

Bankstown Railway Station is on the Bankstown line of the CityRail network, and the suburb is also a major bus interchange for several bus services. The Sydney Metropolitan Airport, more commonly known as Bankstown Airport, was established in 1940 and is constructed on 313 hectares. It has three runways, an extensive taxi way and includes a large business park containing more than 170 businesses.

Bankstown's first public school was built in 1880. Schools in Bankstown today include Al Amanah College, Bankstown Public School, Bankstown South Infants School, Bankstown West Public School, Bankstown Senior College, Bankstown Girls High School, Bankstown Grammar School, Bankstown North Public School, LaSalle Catholic College, Bankstown, St Euphemia College, Bankstown Community College, TAFE Bankstown, University of Western Sydney Bankstown Campus, St Felix Catholic primary school and St Brendan's Catholic primary school.