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  • Saturday 18th August 2012

Saturday 18th August 2012

Raine & Horne Bardwell Park sponsored Bexley North Public School’s Trivia Night, held on Saturday 18th August. Our presence was strongly felt on the night, with our ‘teardrop’ flags being displayed on stage &
Raine & Horne Bardwell Park pens on each table.

Our auctioneer, Paul Casarotto conducted a charity auction which raised over $12,000 in funds for the
P&C Association.

Raine & Horne Bardwell Park would like to congratulate the committee for arranging such an enjoyable event, and would also like to thank the 200 attendees for making the night such a resounding success.

Trivia Night 1

Trivia Night 2

Trivia Night 3

Trivia Night 4

Trivia Night 5

Trivia Night 6