Nicole Frigo

Nicole Frigo

Leasing consultant

Friendly and approachable, Nicole Frigo is responsible for matching up quality tenants to suitable properties.

She manages a large database of prospective tenants to whom she markets new and vacant properties.

A natural communicator, Nicole is known for her willingness to engage with her clients to get a thorough appreciation of their needs. Property owners will find that Nicole’s people skills come to the fore when assisting in the process of tenant selection.

Nicole is also highly organised and conscientious and can provide valuable assistance in maintaining occupancy rates.

The leasing consultant’s role is what makes us unique in Batemans Bay, as we ensure we have one person specialising in finding tenants who is able to focus 100% on making sure this happens quickly.

Nicole has rapidly become an integral member of the property management team at Raine & Horne Batemans Bay and looks forward to making your property experience a thoroughly pleasant and ultimately satisfying one.

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