Service - Our Point of Difference

Whilst at Raine & Horne Baulkham Hills we ensure that our profile is prominent enough to generate the same level of exposure as our competitors, we do not believe that selling real estate is a commodity.

Our business model revolves around a comparatively small but tight team of high achieving sales professionals,as opposed to a “sales factory” where the principals spend much of their time concentrating on a high volume of listings to feed their business and delegate a significant portion of the sale process to staff that are quite often not sufficiently qualified or experienced in the handling of this process.

At Raine & Horne Baulkham Hills your agent handles the entire sales process. Concentrating on servicing a manageable amount of clients at any one time ensures that the agent has nothing more important to focus on than selling real estate.

No delegating down the line, no margin for error and no missed opportunities.