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Chris loves helping people to buy & sell their homes.  He has spent over 20 years honing his skills in real estate.  Prior to this he worked in Local Government as a Civil Engineer, implementing those wonderful traffic solutions, like the ones in your street, that keeps everybody safe.  His knowledge of local government laws & years spent designing, planning & organizing tasks, adds strength to his real estate service to you.

Chris will tell you that he has had some great experiences in real estate & has got a few interesting stories to tell.  What he will rarely tell you is that he has also accumulated quite a few prestigious awards along the way.  One of them was being ranked in the top 10 in Victoria with a large multi-national real estate franchise.

A fond story that Chris likes to tell is about how he sold four homes on Christmas Eve, during his first year in real estate.  The office closed after the Christmas lunch break-up party & everyone went home, but Chris kept working on his own, attempting to contact four home-owners & get four offers accepted.  He wanted his buyers & sellers to be able to celebrate their successes on Christmas Day.  Chris got his last sale accepted at 10pm on Christmas Eve!

Chris has recently been joined by his lovely wife Andree, & like Batman & Wonder Woman, they are becoming a force to be reckoned with!

When Chris isn’t working, one of the things he enjoys is singing tenor in a Barber Shop quartet.  That caterwauling you may hear at night & think is the neighbourhood cat, is only Chris practising his high tenor notes!  Chris lives with Andree, whom he has been married to for over 30 years, & their two sons Ben & Josh, in what Chris describes as a modest cottage with water views. When pressed harder, he says it’s a little home with the local council swimming pool over his back fence – lol.  He plays soccer with his dog Harvey every morning & walks him every night.  He attends church & enjoys eating out & chatting with friends.

“I love learning from people & hearing their every story.” – Chris.