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Meet James Fernando. Your Real Estate Specialist and Managing Director of Raine & Horne Berwick.

  • Originally from Sri Lanka, James is a transplanted Melburnian for more than 11 years.
  • He has represented a large number of property sellers and buyers in a wide array of real estate transactions.
  • His market focus is Berwick.

His purpose as a Real Estate Agent…

James loves everything about Real Estate. He does what he does because he cares about people and their living spaces. He enjoys the fact that no day is ever the same; he loves the interaction with people from all walks of life, but the best part of his job is coming to work every day knowing that he can make a difference in someone else’s life.

James believes a career in real estate is more than just selling property and making a buck. It's about changing lives. About helping people navigate through their life-changing moment with honesty and transparency.

That’s his purpose. He lives it every day.

What brought him here…

Although James has spent many years of his career in client servicing, sales and marketing roles, he knew his passion for people and living spaces would one day lead him here. At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, for James, real estate has been a calling for a very long time.

After years of service as a real estate agent; one winter morning, James’ analytical left brain collided with his creative right brain, and the idea to float a real estate agency was hatched.  So he rounded up a vibrant team of passionate, multicultural, multi-discipline professionals, roped in from all tiers of the real estate value chain.

Today, James has the pleasure of working with some of the most amazingly talented and passionate individuals, who couldn't work more tirelessly to provide an exceptional service even if they tried.

Why he is different…

Over the years, James has built a reputation for fiercely protecting his client’s interest, together with his personal network, referrals and repeat business forms the foundation of his career in real estate. Savvy negotiations skills, cutting-edge marketing tactics, outstanding client serving, 24/7 availability, paired with uncompromising integrity are all hallmarks of James’ service to the real estate industry here in Melbourne.  

James treats every assignment as an opportunity to do better than he did yesterday and we thought yesterday was a pretty good day.

When he’s not working…

When James is not showing clients the best living spaces Melbourne has to offer, you can find him basking in the ambiance of family and friends with his beautiful wife and two children, or singing his heart out to some old rock ’n roll classics with his guitar at a dinner dance.