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You've found the one. Now to make it yours. 6 Ways to Secure Your Dream Rental!

Published almost 2 years ago

Let me guess. You and your friends or partner are looking to move, find this place online, and it’s love at first sight. You start planning your future lives there together, check out the amenities nearby, and even discuss what you’re going to name that cat who keeps lurking outside your door. It...


Messer, Fitzroy- Where we'll be eating out this weekend!

Published almost 2 years ago

Messer (German for “knife”) is the newest restaurant to open on the Northside of town in Fitzroy. As you know by now, when we find a good thing we just have to share it with our fellow Northsiders. At Messer you can expect a European approach cooking. Their menu revolves around the fresh l...


Chocolate lover? Win a $100 Ratio Coco Roasters voucher this Easter!

Published almost 2 years ago

Here at RH Brunswick, we’re self-confessed chocolate lovers. You’re a chocolate lover if you can relate to any of the following: 1 spoon of chocolate drinking powder isn’t enough for your hot choccies, try anywhere between 3 and 6 spoonful’s / you judge the quality of your hot chocolate by th...



Published almost 2 years ago

As they say, happiness is an inside job. Our homes are not only an extension of who we are and a reflection of our style but what we do within the walls of our abodes has the power to shape our mood, impacts our productivity and can influence our outlook on life. Scientific studies have shown th...


Who to see next week at The Brunswick Music Festival - Our top 5 picks!

Published almost 2 years ago

Northsiders! The Brunswick Music Festival is upon us! Celebrating their 30th year, the next two weeks will see artists from all across the city, country and world come to the Northside of town to perform! Here’s our top 5 events that we literally cannot wait for...   [1] THIS SUNDAY 11th March...


10 Reasons Why St.Bernards Primary School is Our First Choice!

Published almost 2 years ago

This week you'll be hearing from our principal Auctioneer & Director, Robert.  "As a local resident and Parent of two, I understand the value of a quality education that starts at Primary School. St Bernard's Primary School is discretely located at 36 Patterson Street East Coburg, A quiet safe p...


Yorkelee Prints! An Interview with mum & founder Kate! +get 30% off all her wall-art prints today!

Published almost 2 years ago

Here at RH Brunswick, we're wall-art lovers. When we walk into a room that has framed art on the wall- it creates a beautiful feeling and makes the space feel complete. Through wall-art prints, you can express your own unique personality and style.  Here in Australia, there are many inspiring de...


Sleep Well In Style! We have a thing for the bedroom & want to share!

Published almost 2 years ago

It seems that we all have a ‘thing’ for a particular room in the house. It's that unexplainable soft spot that leads you to sneakily shop for this room during your paid work hours & shamelessly justify every purchase to yourself & partner too. If you’re one of these people, this room will be fore...

1332.result -Brunswicks newest NON PROFIT eatery!

Published almost 2 years ago

6 Florence Street,  Brunswick - another one of our beautiful suburbs unsuspecting backstreets that is home to a rich story & a unique community who live, work & play there. It’s here, right behind Anstey Station that you’ll discover a new brekkie, brunch and lunch spot called, Uniquely...


Vasette Fiztroy - Northsides Most Beautiful Blooms (Most beautiful arrangements in time for V Day!)

Published almost 2 years ago

Walking into Vasette on 247 Brunswick St, Fitzroy is an experience in itself. An oasis for your senses, a dreamland filled with colour & fragrance unfolds. Whatever the occasion, reason, theme or emotion, you can trust that Vasette will always create something completely unique for you. Their ar...


Finally an Airbnb equivalent for Architecture lovers!

Published almost 2 years ago

Gone are the days where you have to scroll for hours to find an Airbnb that looks like it belongs on Grand Designs.  While there are plenty of jaw-dropping & impeccably styled Airbnbs...finding them takes a lot of patience (We've been compiling a list of the most Insta worthy Northside Airbnbs-b...


There is beauty in simplicity! Blonde timber & white-get the look!

Published almost 2 years ago

Here is proof, that less is more. When we first saw this photo of the blonde timber dining table & chairs floating in this room of white, it instantly got pinned to our 'Dream Home' mood-board.  This colour palette makes us instantly feel a sense of calm and peace. The finishes are also very w...