Azzurra Bianchi

Raine & Horne Brunswick

After receiving my first opportunity to work for Raine and Horne Brunswick, at 21 years of age, I had no experience of an office environment, quickly adjusting and becoming familiar with procedures I knew I had found the position I wanted to be in. People often think the receptionist is just someone that takes calls and messages, in fact we do a lot more then that. Juggling multiple tasks at once and assisting the rental department, sometimes there isn’t enough hours in one day, in saying that  I wouldn’t change a thing about reception or my position!

Reception is the first point of contact in real-estate, not only about taking pride in yourself and appearance, but also upholding the reputation of Raine and Horne Brunswick. Guiding tenants and landlords in the right direction and making all people feel welcome. After working for the business for almost 7 years,  I took a break for 2 and a half years from Raine and Horne, I came to a quick realisation that I didn’t belong anywhere else but here! Not only do I love working for the Robert, Mario and Ivan in the residential sector, Tim in Commercial and everyone in the rental department. I have a strong bond with Tina our advertising specialist and she has taught me and guided me through my years here.

I love meeting and interacting with new people on a daily basis. The working environment that Raine and Horne offers is one that I am sure you will not find anywhere else. 2018 was fresh new start for me and I am truly grateful knowing that I have been given a second chance to be part of the team here at Raine and Horne Brunswick. It’s a business and position I truly respect.