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Thinking of selling?

We invite you to invest a few minutes in reading about our Managing Director, Mario Elezovic. An award winning sales executive, it’s his monumental 30 years of experience selling properties in the Northern suburbs that make him an industry leader.

Achieving record breaking prices year after year, he’s got a proven track record of success. Mario’s forged a reputation based on his old-school values of integrity, honesty, loyalty, respect & hard-work combined with his commitment to evolving & using cutting edge marketing tools designed to sell.

At 29 years old Mario launched his first Raine & Horne office in Coburg after working with one single firm. From humble beginnings with a team of only 5, Mario always had big aspirations to one day run a super-office, filled with the most highly performing property experts in Melbourne.

Today Mario’s team has grown to over 30 professionals who don’t look at real-estate as a job to get them by, but look at real-estate as their life-long careers. That’s one of Mario’s unique differences, is he hand picks his team members not only based on their experience, but based on their passion, their hunger to learn, grow & succeed.

Another key difference is when Mario invites a new sales agent to join the team, he has two pre requisites that he will not compromise on

  1. The person must be a fully licenced real-estate agent
  2. They must have a minimum of 15 years’ experience selling property specifically in the Northern suburbs – meaning they’ve already got more experience than 90% of our competitors.

Mario’s team operates from their brand-new state of the art office in the heart of Brunswick, so all clients enjoy a premium real-estate experience like no other.

“If you had of told me when I first started out that we would achieve all we have today, I would have never believed you. But my team, office & success is testament to our unwavering dedication to our clients, when you commit all you do to ensuring they are happy & putting them first in every way, you instantly set yourself ahead of the rest.”

Mario cares about long-term-relationships – 80% of his business is repeat or referral based. Unlike many agents who bring in the front-man to win clients over & then pass them onto another team member, Mario’s difference is when you engage him to represent you, he will personally look after you every single step of the sales campaign. Mario believes it is a privilege not only to be invited into people’s homes, but their lives.  

From that first hello, to the final handshake, he will be your key contact- and by the end of the campaign, many say they feel as comfortable with Mario as they do their closest friends. He doesn’t care for quick cookie cutter approaches to sales, but crafts a tailored marketing campaign for each client & their unique goals, this is how he not only achieves his client’s goals but produces results that exceed their expectations.

Mario’s 30 years in real-estate have allowed him to build a powerful internal network of qualified buyers, from first home buyers to upgraders to statregic investors & developers, Mario has contacts he’s known for years who are actively searching for that perfect property for them. This is one part of his multi-faceted strategy to ensuring a successful sale outcome on auction day or equally via private or off-market sale.

Lastly, you should know Mario is a proud Northside local. Having grown up in Fitzroy North, he’s lived in Coburg with his wife and two daughters for the past 20 years. He knows the northern suburbs like the back of his hand & his local market expertise is an invaluable asset to any vendor. Mario also aligns with independent research companies who can give you insight other agents simply don’t have access to.  

Know whose hands you’re putting your property into. And put your property in the hands of a Northside expert, someone who’s been in the industry all their life, Mario hands. 

In Mario’s spare time you can usually find him doing one or a combined version of the following:
Going to yoga with his wife of 28 years (he got on the bandwagon late with this one but after a year of it, he says he’s never felt more relaxed)
Spending a Sunday afternoon cooking the Italian sauce for his family – a treasured recipe passed down from his Calebrese grandmother
Keeping fit, Mario’s an early riser & starts his day going for a jog or cycle
Enjoying a Cuban cigar & a drop of Japanese whisky with his close friends
Avid documentary watcher on all topics
In summer he loves Gardening, you’ll find only two variations in his veggie patch, tomatoes & chilli's
Mario loves to entertain, as the oldest in a family of 4, he cooks big family BBQs & loves getting everyone together
Reading the newspaper  while drinking an extra, extra hot long black
Catch him at one of the Coburg Velodrome Food Truck Festivals