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About Raine & Horne Bunbury

Raine and Horne is proud to be strong feature in the Bunbury's real estate market, with excellent sales staff to provide high standards quality service in the area. 

At Raine and Horne, we are passionate and love what we do. We are always striving to do better and deliver great customer service to meet our clients expectations.

Led by directors Rosetta Patane and Alec Marra, Raine and Horne Bunbury features an award - winning team that is second to none. Our staff are known for going the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction and outstanding results.

We are constantly working on improving our services and undergoing training and development to keep up with the standards and compliances in our the Real Estate industry.

Raine and Horne has been recognised at a state level for many accomplishments and awards, we owe this to our dedicated and hard working staff for their commitment and passion to their work.

Our Current Awards Are:

  • Top Office Number Of Sales  2019 - Bunbury
  • Top Office In Marketing Excellence 2019 - Bunbury
  • Top Office Dollar Value 2019 - Bunbury
  • Top Sales Person Number Of Sales 2019 - Susan Pitts
  • Top Sales Person Dollar Value 2019 - Susan Pitts
  • Outstanding Marketing Excellence Salesperson 2019 - Karlene Ecclestone
  • Office Administrator Of the Year 2019 - Karlene Ecclestone
  • Top Office Dollar Value 2020 - Bunbury
  • Top Office Number Of Sales 1st place 2020 - Bunbury
  • Top Sales Person Number Of Sales 2020 - Susan Pitts
  • Most Sold Properties for WA 2020 - Susan Pitts
  • Top Sales Person Dollar Value 2020 - Susan Pitts
  • Chairman's Club Winner For 2020 - Susan Pitts
  • Outstanding Marketing Excellence 2020 - Karlene Ecclestone
  • Office Administrator Of The Year 2020 - Karlene Ecclestone
  • Local Community Excellence 2020 - Bunbury
  • Outstanding Marketing Excellence Top 10 Nationally for 2021 - Karlene Ecclestone


Our Story

Raine & Horne Bunbury’s business model is focused more on the clients’ needs rather than a “one size fits all”.  Every circumstance, every seller and buyer, and every property are different.

Our professional staff with our Directors natural empathy, close community ties and strong leadership continue to play a fundamental role in the day-to-day success of the business. “We expect excellence from our agents and all our staff, as it is very much a team effort with every member of staff striving for the same outcome; the best result for you!

Our model is simple.  We value passion, integrity, agility and professionalism, which is why we have attracted some of the best industry professionals in our region. Our expectations of ourselves are extremely high and we keep each other accountable to our company standards.  We nurture our team, so our team can nurture their clients and provide a service second to none.

The Raine & Horne Bunbury sales team are market specialists and work closely with clients to ensure the best possible results are achieved. Committed to delivering results, the team pride themselves as industry leaders understanding the evolving nature of the market and embracing innovation, development and knowledge.

With, market strength we are local, national, and international with exceptional service and a sound track record, sellers and buyers are continuing to choose Raine and Horne Bunbury for their real estate needs.