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Buying with Selling in mind

There are a number of factors you should consider when you are buying a home for a temporary stay. Like many contractors and government related careers, the role you have taken may only be for a year or a few years at most, you know you will have to eventually move so it is best to buy with selling in mind. If this is your position, keep these things at the top of your list for consideration.



A television show was titled this for a reason… location location location. Find the most desirable suburbs in your locality, chances are they will remain desirable during your stay. You will most certainly benefit from this when it comes time for you to sell up and move on.



Does it have an ensuite along with a family bathroom? Two bathrooms increases your saleability and final price you achieve for your home in any market. Even if the bathrooms feature the 90’s peach laminate colours and matching fixtures including the shallow bathtub, the home still has two bathrooms. Buyers want convenience, it pays off in the end.



The kitchen will make or break a deal. The current trend is still open plan entertainers kitchen with a view of the back yard to watch the kids, while being hidden from the view of the front door. (We all hide dirty plates in the sink, but don't want to show them off) Make sure the fridge cavity is big enough for the double door fridges, you will be surprised how many buyers will write your house off their shopping list because their brand new double door fridge will not fit.



Make sure there is a balance of living areas and bedrooms. Having a five bedroom home with only one living area is just the same as having three living areas and only two bedrooms, almost pointless. If your home is well suited to a big family, ensure the family has some space to spread out. Having a great balance again improves the resale value and chance.



No doubt while you are living in your home, however long that period may be, you will want to make some modifications. Remember who will be most likely to buy your home after you are finished with it. Is it more suited to a young couple with children, or a retired couple? Make sure any changes and improvements you make to the property have the end buyer in mind.


Joshua Rub


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