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Home Styling

'Attention to detail' are the three words you need imprinted in your mind when you are about to put your home on the market.


When a potential buyer pulls up out the front of your home, before they even pull on the handbrake they are judging your property against their ‘needs and wants’. They are looking at the fencing, gardens, lawns and paths, evaluating whether this home they are about to walk through is going to be their new family home, or just another house someone is trying to sell.


How do you get from just another house, to the new family home? Presentation is key…


From the moment you make the decision to sell your home, start preparing it for the market. This preparation includes getting the gardens and lawn looking fresh and cared for. If you have any paint touch ups or maintenance to do, get these done, remember to do them well.


Presentation doesn't stop at finishing all of those odd jobs you have been meaning to do since you moved in, it includes ‘styling’ your home.


Many misconceptions surrounding Home Styling include: “It’s too expensive for me” and “My house isn’t worth a million dollars so it is not for me”. The difference between a prompt sale at a great price, versus your home sitting on the market and eventually getting an average price could be in the styling.


Styling your home is more than just de-cluttering, but a great place to start. 


Your home will soon be someone else’s, it is important to begin the emotional disconnection and allow someone else to begin the connection. This can be done by minimising the number of photographs, personal items and knick knacks, remember that you want the potential buyers to see it as their new home, not your home.


Clean, Clean, Clean. Having your home looking like the cleaning fairies paid you a visit last night promotes your home as one that is well cared for and a breeze to maintain. This increases the perceived value of your home.


Move any furniture not required out of the home, and arrange the remaining items to suit the room. Once you are styled, put a plan in place to keep it that way throughout the campaign. Have a strategy to keep the home tidy, you never know if that last minute inspection is the one that sells your home.


Joshua Rub


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