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Maximise your sale price

Buyers want to buy the best for the cheapest possible. Let’s face it, we all want to have the best house that we can afford(sometimes what we can't afford). As a seller, you need to make sure your home is seen as the very best value. This does not mean selling at a low price, it means making your home stand out and ensuring it presents as the ‘best value home in the current market in your price range’. To make your home stand out there a few ‘buzz words’ we need to discuss.



We are not talking about your agents’ sales skills, it is simply how easy your home is to sell. A home that has fantastic presentation, no marks or scratches on the walls or floors, clean windows and fly screens, a shower screen with no soap scum and gardens that actually look like they are tended by a green thumb are just a few of the simple presentation tips that improve your homes saleability. (buyers want to buy the best value)


Home Staging

Your home needs to reflect how it is advertised. So if you have 4 bedrooms, have four bedrooms setup, not 3 rooms with beds and another with an office desk and chair. Spell it out simply for your buyers. Show them how to utilise the space in your home effectively. We call it staging because you may not normally live like this, but once you have decided to sell your home, every effort needs to be made in order to get the best price, in the shortest time.


Market Reach & Market Presence

McDonalds is very good at this. You see their new menu plastered over billboards, in the papers, online, on the television and on the radio. If McDonalds is releasing something new, there is a very high chance you will know about it. This is called market reach and presence. You want the best buyers for your home to see your property on all mediums (paper & internet) regularly, or as we like to say in the industry: ‘See it, see it & see it again.’ Having your home on realestate.com.au and in the weekend real estate lift out ensures your home is in front of the buyers ready to buy.


If you would like more information about how to maximise your sale price, give me a call. 


Joshua Rub


0411 694 728

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