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Online advertising and Print Advertising - Which works best?

Online advertising and Print Advertising - Which works best?


Selling a home successfully, for a great price and within an acceptable time frame is all about generating the maximum exposure in the current market and reaching the greatest number of the best potential purchasers. In essence, you need to target your campaign! 

Gone are the days of the Agent Windows where home buyers can walk up to a Real Estate office window and view all of the homes for sale with that agent. Nowadays, there are many homes on the market, many more than the days past and there is no longer any room for all of the homes the agents have for sale in the window. To add to this, the habits of the present day buyers have changed. I hear stories of how agents used to wait in the office  for someone to walk in the door, present themselves as a buyer and ask the agent to show them a few houses. How easy was that for a job, this was not even 10 years ago!

Nobody has ‘time’ anymore, we are all ‘busy people’ doing stuff, the introduction of major real estate portals has allowed the busy buyer to troll through every home for sale on the market and select a few of their favourites and contact the agents for an inspection. Online advertising is convenient, it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Available exactly when it is needed, this is why online advertising is paramount to any successful campaign.

Print media, unlike online advertising is an event. The property paper comes out once a week, and is only available that day. Print is not fluid and malleable like online advertising, nor is it focused like online where you can search for a specific price bracket, or number of bedrooms and so on BUT, Print media has a very large impact on buyers’ minds. There is something about the physical, being able to touch and feel. Print allows buyers to become emotionally attached before they view the property in person. Saturdays are Open Days for properties, buyers make the effort to buy the paper, go through EVERY page of the paper and pick their favourites. 

Not every buyer on the market is tech savvy and capable of searching on their smartphone, tablet or PC, not everyone is up to speed with the current technology. If you do not advertise in the paper, you run the risk of missing your best buyer, the one that could have potentially paid the most for your home.

Like Facebook, internet is great at keeping tabs on your friends movements, but print adds a whole new dimension. There is no substitute for being in the same room as your friends. 

Everyone loves going to an event, a party or show. Print advertising for your property is the event for your campaign, it is the driving force behind great open homes and great prices. This is why you need both for the best outcome. Internet and Print work together.


Remember this: “To get the best result out of your campaign, make sure your online and offline marketing are inline.”

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