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Want to sell fast in a slower market? 

Selling fast does not have to mean selling cheap! It is about knowing your target market, preparing your home and enticing the best buyers of your target market to move into an offer process on your home. Here's how:



Know Your Target Market 

What is it that you are selling, maybe a townhouse, unit in a boutique complex, a house in suburbia or acreage just outside of town? Knowing what you are selling and who it appeals to is the first step to selling fast in a slow market. If you have a two bedroom two storey townhouse, chances are your property is not going to suit the young family of five, or the retirees looking to downsize and move into a mobility friendly home. Make a list of who you think are likely to live in or buy your property by looking at the features of the home, and the current condition of the home. 



Promoting Your Property 

The mediums for promoting your property in Bundaberg rarely change, even for different style homes and different price ranges. Tailoring the advertising copy(written ad) and maximising the frequency(the number of times and mediums the buyers see the home advertised) is imperative. 


Knowing your target marketing is the first important step writing great ad copy. Photos show the house, but the words behind the photos tell the story. People don't buy houses, they buy homes. A home is the centrepiece to their life, it supports their hobbies and lifestyle choices. A family that loves to entertain their friends and family in their own home will want to buy a home that provides for this. The words used in advertising needs to breathe life and create the desire to own the home. We can just note features or paint a picture. For example: 


  • Outside is a timber deck with access to the big living area through the timber doors, under roof. 




- Opening the large bi-fold timber doors allows the spacious living area to flow through to the generous size timber deck with a beautiful garden backdrop, all under the main roofline.


Frequency is huge when it comes to selling fast. The idea is to get your home in front of as many people as possible, as often as possible. This means being on realestate.com.au, advertising every week in the paper and holding open homes each week. If done right, the time on market is shorter which also means your advertising campaign will be much cheaper as you will not be on the market as long.



Price Well 

Do your research. Find out the sold prices of comparable homes in your area. Ensure the figures are recent and correct. A home is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it: often serious buyers have been in the market for a while comparing other homes and will have a very good idea of the market and the current prices. This means building too much 'wiggle room' into your price will only help someone else sell their home if it appears to be 'better value' to any potential purchaser. 



Joshua Rub


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