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You have an offer, what next?

All the hard work is one. You have invested many hours into making your home stand out above the crowd. Toiled over presentation, which agent to choose, researched sold prices of comparable properties, where and how to market your property and it has paid off - you have an offer. What do you do now? Well that’s easy, take a breath and remove your fear from the equation. Think like a property guru, and take your time!


I often tell my clients before we commence any marketing campaign this, “It is imperative to remember when receiving an offer, it is not how long you have been on the market that is the point, it is how long the buyer has been in the market”. What do I mean? Simply this, the buyer may have been looking for a new home for 6 months, been to a number of auctions as a registered bidder but was unsuccessful each time. They may have found their dream home but was too slow or didn't put their best offer in and missed out on their dream home. They then see your home, and want it right or wrong and do not want to miss out. They submit their best offer at the first open home for fear of missing out. 


Let’s take a moment, Your home has been on the market for a couple of days, its the first open house and you have an offer. Cue the thoughts of “are we selling too cheap, did we pick the right agent, are we giving our home away, should we have listed at a higher price?” This is where you stop, sit back and take your time. If you have done all of the work at the beginning; presentation, marketing choices, professional photography, home styling, fixing any odd jobs around the home and researched yourself what other comparable properties are selling for in the current market you have nothing to worry about. You can feel confident knowing you have done all you can to achieve the best possible price in the shortest time frame. What is best about this so called dilemma you face? There are many other home sellers just wishing to be in your position!



Joshua Rub


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