Break Lease Information

If your circumstances change, and you need to vacate the property BEFORE the end of the current lease, this is called a Break Lease.


A lease agreement is a legally binding contract and if you need to break your lease for any reason, you are able to do this by submitting a Notice of Intention to Leave (Form 13) giving no less than 2 week’s notice of your intention to vacate.


Breaking your lease may incur fees and charges and these are summerised below:

Break Lease Fee – 1 weeks rent + GST
Re- advertisement fee - $73 (inc GST)


Under the RTRA Act you are still responsible to pay rent until the new tenant’s lease starts or your lease ends, whichever comes first. We will advertise the property as soon as your Form 13 is received and commence viewings to find a new tenant as quickly as possible to minimise your costs.


Your co-operation is important to achieve an outcome that is mutually beneficial.


If you are experiencing a domestic violence situation, please report to your local police station.