Getting Ready to Rent

Before an agent can begin the management of your investment property, a fully signed management agreement, must be in place. Then, it is a legal requirement for the following items to be provided and performed.  If you have any questions regarding the following, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.


Pool Safety Certificate

Properties with pools and/or spas are required to have a pool safety inspection prior to the property being let. A copy of the current certificate must be held in our office and renewed upon expiry. The following provider can perform this inspection for you:



  • Copy of insurance cover for Public Liability Insurance (ESSENTIAL)
  • Copy of Landlord Insurance
  • Copy of Building/Contents Insurance

 We recommend the following providers, if you have not sorted this as yet:


 Body Corporate

If applicable, please supply a copy of the Body Corporate By-Laws and the Body Corporate Management Details and contact information.


 Smoke Alarms & Blind Compliancy

It is your responsibility to ensure your property meets all legislative requirements for smoke alarms and blind compliancy. This also includes having the alarms cleaned and compliancy tested each time a lease is renewed.  We can arrange this ongoing compliancy for you once a tenant has been secured.


Keys & Remotes

The lessor/agent must give at lease on of the tenants a key for each lock that is part of the premises. For example, a key for a lock on a door to a room in the premises, the premises’ mail box, a door to tool shed or built-in cupboard.

If there is more than one tenant named on the tenancy agreement, then the lessor/agent must supply each of the named tenants on the tenancy agreement a key for each lock that secures entry to the premises and that secures a road or other place that is normally used to gain access to or leave the areas or building in which the premises are located.

See below example of keys required if there were 2 tenants named on a tenancy agreement:

Key  Copies Key Distibution
Front Door Handle 3 2 x Tenant; 1 x Agent
Front Door Deadbolt 3 2 x Tenant; 1 x Agent
Front Security Screen Door 3 2 x Tenant; 1 x Agent
Back Door 3 2 x Tenant; 1 x Agent
Back Security Screen Door 3 2 x Tenant; 1 x Agent
Any/All lockable Internal Door 2 1 x Tenant; 1 x Agent
Any/All lockable windows 2 1 x Tenant; 1 x Agent
Letterbox 2 1 x Tenant; 1 x Agent
Any Other (e.g Gate/Shed/etc) 2 1 x Tenant; 1 x Agent
Remote Control Garage 2 1 x Tenant; 1 x Agent



Before we can allow a tenant to move into a property, it must be in the condition we expect from the tenant at the end of the lease. Please see below cleaning checklist outlining various items.