Lease Renewals

3 months prior to your current lease end date, we will contact the Owner with our recommendations and this is based on your routine inspections and rent payments.

Your tenancy renewal will be sent out to you once instructions have been received from your Owner. Lease agreements will be sent at least 60 days’ in advance, this is so that we comply with the notice required by legislation should there be a rental increase on the next tenancy or if the agreement is not being renewed for any reason.

You will also receive a Notice to Leave (Form 12) with your renewal, you will have until 1 month prior to the current lease end date to sign and return the lease agreement otherwise we will assume that you do not wish to renew and the Form 12 will proceed. We do this to avoid tenancy agreements falling into a periodic arrangement which voids the Landlords insurance policy. It is important that lease renewals are returned promptly if you wish to stay on at the property.

If you do not wish to renew your tenancy, you must issue our office with a Notice of Intention to Leave (Form 13) no less than 2 week’s prior to your lease end date.

Once a Form 13 is received, you will be sent a vacate pack with includes all information regarding vacating the property and monies owed.