Moving house

When the time comes for you to leave the property, you will either be issued a Notice to Leave or you may be issuing us a Notice of Intention to Leave.


Either way, we will send you an email detailing how to get your bond back in full. Within this email you will receive the following, regarding your tenancy:

  • Copy of signed Entry Condition Report – This will be used as a reference point for the Exit Condition Report
  • Copy of the keys provided at your sign up appointment
  • Copy of your current Tenant Ledger


We will also let you know if there are any monies owing until the date of your vacate and this will include any outstanding invoices.

Please return all keys to this office including letterbox keys – especially if you have changed any locks. Please note that rent is due and payable until all keys are returned.

A water meter reading will be taken on your vacate date and a water invoice may be issued for payment if applicable under the terms of your lease agreement.  

Viewings will be scheduled for the re-let of the property and you will be emailed out Entry Notices for scheduled viewings, starting 3 weeks prior to your vacate date. Each viewing will only be for 15 minutes, and the property will be shown twice a week. Whilst we understand that you will be packing and moving at this time, we ask for your cooperation in us finding a new tenant for our Owners.

As part of our lease agreement, you need to have the carpets cleaned to the same standard as they were upon entry. This also applies to general pests, if you have had pets at the property, you may also need to include a flea treatment (inside and out) to make sure it is to the same standard as your entry.

Don’t forget to have your mail redirected, and you can do this with Australia Post.

To help you with your vacate, there are a few services that we recommend for bond cleans, carpet cleaning and pest control. Your property manager will be able to give you the details for our recommended contractors.


Vacate Documents will include: