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Vacating Tenants

When the time comes for your tenant to leave the property, we can either be issued a Notice to Leave or your tenant may issue us a Notice of Intention to Leave.

Either way, we will send you an email advising you that the tenants are leaving, and what the next process is in re-letting the property.

We start advertising online 3 weeks out from the tenants vacate date. We will hold viewings twice a week, showing these viewing times on the on-line advertisement. Tenants can register for these viewings through our online booking system. After each viewing our Owners are updated with how the viewing went, outlining potential applicants and any feedback we receive from prospective tenants.

We believe a good letting campaign will start and finish within 21 days, and follow the 3 P's of marketing. Price, Presentation and Promotion.

Price - Whilst we strive to achieve a high price point for you, the market may not respond to this and this is why we review it after 14 days. A slightly lower rent coming in, is better than no rent coming in. Your cash flow is an important factor we take into consideration when letting a property.

Presentation - We look at making sure there isn't anything that can detract from how the property presents to potential applicants. This may mean suggesting little improvements that can make a property more appealing.

Promotion - We advertise your property on the major industry portals such as realestate.com.audomain.com.au and our own website rh.com.au including 14 other portals.

This will ensure that your advertisement reaches the broadest audience to expose your property to as many potential tenants. Professional photos are a necessity these days to rent a property, without the professional photos the promotion of the property is not at its highest and declines the enquiry we receive. Unfortunately it is the world we live in, and many people judge a book by its cover. If we don't get people through the door, we cannot rent the property.

We have a professional photography package that starts with 5 photos for $90, it's a one-off cost and they can be used for future letting campaigns, so long as it is still a true representation of the property.

Applications are processed, and you will be updated throughout this process as well. When a potential application meets our criteria it is promptly sent to our Owners for consideration.

Once the tenant returns their keys, we go through our vacate process, ensuring the property is returned to entry standard. Tenants are provided all the information required to ensure this, when the notice is in place.