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How to market your property on social media in just 3 steps  

September 30, 2022

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell a property. The power of brand awareness and lead generation can be the difference between a good and a great sales campaign.  

The number of people on social media is ever-increasing. However, so too is the amount of content and platforms, making it more important than ever for social media marketing to be engaging. We’ve come up with 3 easy steps to make your listing stand out.  

Set the scene 

When selling a home, you are selling a lifestyle. When prospective buyers are looking to make such a significant financial decision, they are not only considering the basics of bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking, but they are imagining themselves having friends around for dinner or experiencing their children’s milestones together in the home.  

Therefore, it is important to set the scene of what the home can offer through social media marketing. Take inspiration from interior design magazines or blogs, through styling the home to look more lived-in. Put books or flowers on the bedside table, place a chopping board out on the kitchen bench and ensure the space is well lit.  

These photos differ from traditional real-estate photos, as they need to show the whole space and get everything in frame. Where social media users aren’t necessarily on the hunt for their next property, traditional real estate photos are more likely be dismissed by your audience. As they aren’t on social media to look for their next home. But if you use a lifestyle photo, it launches an alternate possibility into their attention of what could be.  

Amplify Social Media Platform 

Leverage the R&H social media platform, Amplify, to showcase your property to the ideal buyers. Amplify isn't just about creating ads – it's about getting them in front of the right people. Our platform distributes ads across popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even the Google Ad network. By targeting potential buyers based on behavioural and online profiling data, we ensure your property is seen by those most likely to be interested.

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Put yourself in their shoes  

If you found your potential dream home whilst scrolling on social media, what follow up information would you want? Make everything easy and accessible in the listing, including open home times, specifics about the property and additional features. 

These three considerations will ensure that your social marketing strategy gets the best possible results for your buyers, sellers, and prospective clients.