Urgent & Non-Urgent Repairs Process – Tenants


Need something repaired in your rental?  


Sometimes you may be face with an emergency situation. An emergency is defined as something that may harm someone, or may cause further damage to the property if left unattended. Your Property Manager can only guarantee to be contacted during normal business hours (9am-5pm Mon to Fri).

Therefore if you are faced with an emergency situation, and are unable to contact your Property Manager, listed below is the information on items that are classified as an emergency situation and instructions on how to deal with that emergency without the assistance from Raine & Horne Cannington/NRAS.



If you are unable to get into contact with your property manager, please contact one of one of the tradespeople as listed below – please note if you cannot get in contact with one preferred tradesperson, contact an appropriate, qualified, tradesman to rectify the urgent repair. Then make sure you contact your agent the following day.

The following maintenance is considered as “URGENT”

  • A burst water service 
  • A blocked or broken lavatory system
  • A serious roof leak
  • A gas Leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • Serious storm or fire damage
  • A serious fault in a lift or staircase in the rented premises
  • A failure or breakdown of the gas, water, electricity supply
  • Any fault or damage that makes the rental premises unsafe or unsecure

It is important to note that urgent and non-urgent repairs are the landlord’s or agent’s responsibility, but if the tenant caused the damage, the landlord can ask the tenant to arrange and/or pay for repairs. Tenants must continue to pay rent when waiting for repairs to be done and it is extremely important to communicate all information regarding repairs in writing and that all copies of letters, forms, receipts and reports are kept for future reference. 


Please note that if you go ahead with a repair that is NOT classified as an emergency, the owner is NOT obliged to pay for any expenses incurred.

Preferred Tradesman Contact Number;

Plumber PETER STANNARD PLUMBING, GAS & A/C: 0402 731 795

Locksmith JOONDALUP LOCK SERVICE: 0411 550 205

Electrician ACETEK ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS: 0427 884 900 

Please forward any invoices to our office for reimbursement regarding urgent repairs only.



For non-urgent repairs, the tenants MUST put the maintenance request in writing to the agent telling them what needs to be repaired or looked at. The landlord has 14 days in which to make sure that repairs are carried out. If the landlord does not carry out the repairs within 12 days of receiving the notice, the tenant can send a copy of their written notice to Consumer Affairs Western Australia with a letter asking for an inspection and a subsequent report. Tenants MUST continue to pay rent even if the agent has not arranged for the repairs to take place.


Lost Keys or Keys Locked Inside House: If during business hours, you may contact your Property Manager to borrow the office keys, you must provide identification when collecting the keys and the keys must be returned the same day.
If it is outside of office hours & public holidays you may contact a locksmith directly, however the tenant is responsible for the payment of the account. Fort Locks: 0413 054 560


Break-in or Damage to Glass

  1. Contact Police, lodge a report & note the Police report Number.
  2. Contact Dependable Glass on 9455 3069 for 24hr emergency service to replace glass or secure the property.
  3. Report to Property Manager ASAP or the next working day with the Police Report Number. Without obtaining the Police Report Number the cost of replacing the glass will be invoiced to you.
  4. If the glass breakage is a result of an act attributable to yourself, you may call the glazier to repair, however you are responsible for the payment of the invoice.

Hot Water System Stops Working After Hours: If it is a gas hot water system, check that the pilot light is off and follow the system instructions to attempt to relight. For hot water system emergency call: 
Peter Stanard – 0402 731 795
Please note: if it turns out that there is nothing wrong with the hot water system, the tenant will be responsible for the invoice.


Burst Water Pipe at the mains: Turn the water off at the mains immediately then contact Water Corporation immediately on 131375


Gas Leak inside the Property: Turn the gas emergency control valve in the metre box off. If the smell of the gas is inside, open all doors/windows to ventilate. Please contact one of our recommended Plumbers: 
Peter Stanard – 0402 731 795  Next business day contact Property Manager to report issue, report to be in writing to Property Manager. 

Gas Leak Outside the Property

  1. Turn off the gas emergency control valve in the meter box.
  2. Call Alinta Gas 24hr on 131352



No Power

  1. 1.Contact Western Power on 131351 and ascertain if a fault in the area.
  2. Unplug all appliances and check one at a time re-engaging the RCD Switch until faulty appliance is found.
  3. Next business day contact Property Manager & report the issue, report to be in writing.

No Lights

  1. Turn off all lights, re-engage trip/RCD Switch, turn on lights one at a time until faulty light is found.
  2. Next business day contact Property Manager & report the issue, report to be in writing.

Electrical Problem That May Cause Harm to the Tenant Please call our recommended Electricians: 
Acetek Electrical Solutions 0427 884 900

Power Lines Fallen Down Call Western power immediately on 131351

Impact to Building by Vehicle 

  1. If injury to another person call ambulance on 000
  2. Take details of driver of vehicle
  3. Call police & obtain a police report number
  4. Call SES (State Emergency Services on 1300 130 039
  1. Contact your property manager and you will still need to provide a report ASAP in writing to the property manager.


Severe Storm Damage 

  1. If injury to another person call ambulance on 000
  2. Call State Emergency Services on 1300 130 039
  3. If there are any burst water pipes, turn the water off at the mains, call the plumber listed.
  4. If there is any electrical damage, turn the power off, call the electrician listed.
  5. If there is structural damage to the house, flooding or severe electrical problems, do not stay in the house.
  1. Contact your property manager and you will still need to provide a report ASAP in writing to the property manager.