Carindale Area

Carindale ParksWhether you’re an outdoor family, an inside family, a sporting family, an older family or just starting a family, Carindale’s a neighbourhood filled with things to do and places to play (for adults and kids). It’s easy to get around, and all your necessities, amenities and services are right nearby, so it’s perfect for older couples and retirees too. Opened in 1979, Carindale Shopping Centre is now a shopping, dining and entertainment destination for people across Brisbane. But Carindale isn’t just a shopping centre. It’s a family-friendly neighbourhood, with a number of schools, recreation reserves, public pools and playgrounds to enjoy. Carindale’s centrality makes is easy to get out and about in South East Queensland, with buses regularly running to the city via the South East busway, and the Gateway Motorway taking drivers north to the Sunshine Coast and south to the Gold Coast. Old Cleveland Road continues through Carindale out to the fun of the bayside suburbs, Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island. The eastern edge of the suburb is dominated by the shopping centre and the Gateway Motorway, but this built up area quickly gives way to rolling hills of brick homes in a surprisingly quiet natural setting. And there’s certainly room for families to grow here, as Carindale homes tend to be larger than usual, with 65% of homes being four or more bedrooms.