Property Management the Raine & Horne Way


do you want the best people looking after your asset?

With Raine & Horne you can be assured that your property manager will undertake comprehensive inspections and reports prior to and after your tenant moves into the property. Our role is to give you feedback on your property’s internal and external
condition, noting any immediate repairs or future maintenance requirements.
This is why our property managers have a network of tradespeople at their fingertips, giving them the capacity to deal with all manner of repairs and saving you the arduous task of arranging and monitoring repair work.

how do you secure the best possible tenants?

Tenancy selection isn’t straightforward, and it’s critical to ensuring the performance of your investment. It’s safe to say that maximising your rental income is more readily achieved by selecting quality tenants than it is by undertaking expensive renovations or striving for unrealistic rents.
At Raine & Horne we take the hassle out of tenant selection by ensuring that all prospective tenants comply with comprehensive checks on matters such as identity, employment, former tenancy history and much more. Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but our aim is to find you very best tenant for your property.

do you need efficient administration and rent collection?

Your Raine & Horne property manager can take responsibility for all aspects of property administration, including the timely collection of rent, as well as the payment of rates, insurance and service charges. Additionally, we provide regular, easy-to-understand statements of income and expenditure which will make tax reporting a simpler task.
Your Raine & Horne property manager will also regularly advise you on your property’s current rental value and make recommendations regarding rent variations.

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