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When is it time for the elf to return to the shelf?

Published about 1 month ago

Forget Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen this Christmas. The new kids on the Yuletide block are Buddy, Snowflake, Elfie, Jingle and the rest of the Elf on the Shelf squad, who should start appearing in Aussie homes by the end of November.  Unless you’ve been living...


Government deposit scheme is big win for first timers

Published about 1 month ago

With the Reserve Bank doing its bit for first home buyers since June with three interest rate cuts, the Federal Government has jumped in to assist too.  This month, the government announced the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme that guarantees first-timers on low and middle incomes could purchase a...


What are the benefits of investing in a house compared to an apartment?

Published 3 months ago

Investing in a well-located, well-priced house or apartment can deliver numerous advantages to investors. In many cases, a well-located house provides an investor with the opportunity for decent capital growth. This is because the land the house is built upon will continue to appreciate over tim...


Australian housing on the rise says CoreLogic and AMP

Published 3 months ago

The recovery in housing values accelerated in August 2019 with national dwelling values increasing by 0.8% over the month, according to the latest research from CoreLogic. The lift in housing values through August was substantial, with CoreLogic research director Tim Lawless commenting, “The sig...


The 3 Most Vital Tips for Selling Your House

Published 5 months ago

In my 30 year career in real estate, I have managed to figure out the best way for vendors to approach selling their home. It can certainly be daunting and no one really likes change so here are three of my best tips for selling your house!1. Come in with a positive mindset! Often vendors can be ...


What will it cost to make my home smart?

Published 5 months ago

In truth, it can cost anywhere from $100 to many, many thousands of dollars to create your version of the Jetsons in your home. Apologies to younger readers, but well before the iPhone (and even before man landed on the moon, which was 50 years ago this month), George Jetson, Jane his wife, and ...


Near New Home with a Prime Ormiston Address

Published 6 months ago

  Have you ever imagined yourself walking into the entry hall of your home with 9’ ceilings?! Well, there’s a fabulous new house on the market! Near new with a prime Ormiston address, this home is certainly one to have a look at! 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 car spaces. Offers over $859,000...


10 Good Home Habits You Should Get Into for a Happier Life

Published 6 months ago

During this winter, I’m sure you can agree, that we have all been feeling a little less motivated when it comes to keeping your house tidy, getting outside and watering the garden or even just doing a load of washing. But now we’re moving towards Spring, the sun will feel warmer (although, it’s b...


Celebrate Bastille Day at The French Table!

Published 6 months ago

Sunday the 14th of July marks France's annual celebration of their nation, Bastille Day and you can be a part of the fun! Book a table at The French Table in Cleveland on either Saturday the 13th of July or Sunday the 14th of July and indulge in some fabulous, authentic French meals. You can choo...


What's Trending This Winter

Published 7 months ago

2019 has so far been the year of pastels, water consciousness and open shelves. Individualism and airy spaces have been the pinnacle of home decorating and now that we have found ourselves in the snuggly season of Winter, the trends are changing (like usual!). Here's what you'll be seeing more of...


"There were no hitches and no concerns!" | Customer's Thoughts on Jan Goetze

Published 7 months ago

Today we got the chance to speak to past customer of Jan's, Andrew Kerridge. Have a look at what he had to say about his buying experience with Jan!


Kim K's sink-less basins that have shocked the world!

Published 7 months ago

Kim K’s sink-less basins that have shocked the world! Recently Kim Kardashian broke the internet (again) but this time, it was for a bizarre yet fabulous feature in her bathroom… sink-less basins! That’s right! The minimalistic design includes sleek matte black taps, an almost-flat concrete slab...