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The 3 Most Vital Tips for Selling Your House

In my 30 year career in real estate, I have managed to figure out the best way for vendors to approach selling their home. It can certainly be daunting and no one really likes change so here are three of my best tips for selling your house!

1. Come in with a positive mindset! Often vendors can be quite closed-off, skeptical and stubborn - especially on their price. Keep an open mind as it could very well just be the time of year you are trying to sell in that would be influencing the change in price!

2. Prepare your home to sell it! Ensure that there are no dints in the walls, or stains on the carpet. Make it the cleanest and tidiest it can be - buyers will prefer a small, clean house over a large, pigsty!

3. Know what is trending in your local market! If you know what is trending, then you will have realistic expectations about what your house is worth and what buyers are looking for. Perhaps hold off for a few months if you know the market will get better during Spring?

I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of selling their house! I want to work with you as a team, so take these tips on board and we'll get your home sold in no time!

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