Property Management Service

Any investment performs best when it is being professionally managed. Real estate is no exception. We offer a range of services for investors, depending on the level of service you require:

  • Full comprehensive property management
  • Advertising & leasing only
  • Rent collection only

Local knowledge can mean the difference between an average return on your investment and an excellent one! We specialise servicing the following suburbs:

  • Cleveland (4163)
  • Raby Bay (4163)
  • Ormiston (4160)
  • Wellington Point (4160)
  • Thornlands (4164)
  • Mount Cotton (4165)
  • Redland Bay (4165)
  • Victoria Point (4165)
  • Sheldon (4157)
  • Capalaba (4157)
  • Alexandra Hills (4161)
  • Birkdale (4159)
  • Aquatic Paradise (4159)
  • Thorneside (4158)

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E: [email protected]
P: 07 3286 3777

What we can offer you & your property.

When you appoint one of our qualified property managers to look after your investment, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and save yourself countless hours of work. 

Time Savings 

Our property managers remove the typical landlord’s burden. By having a dedicated professional dealing with all those little day-to-day problems and responsibilities, you’re able to maximise your advantages, minimise your outgoings and ensure that your property is rarely, if ever, vacant. 

Consistent, Reliable Service 

Our network is built on delivering great service in everything that we do. We are always happy to provide every possible service for the smallest and largest property – be it residential, retail, commercial or industrial. 

Clear Communication 

Our property managers understand the importance of clear communication. They work tirelessly to ensure that you are kept up to speed on all aspects of your investment. 

Qualified Professionals 

We pride ourselves on our people. Each property manager is highly qualified, receiving regular industry training to ensure they remain up to date on real estate trends, changes and any new legislation. 

Property Condition Report 

Before we lease your investment, our property managers complete a detailed property condition report. This ensures there are no issues with your tenants around the bond when the lease is up. 

Application Form 

Before we lease your investment, every tenant is required to complete a detailed application form. Our property managers then verify their identification, their financial position, their employment and carry out checks on their previous rental history. 

Repairs & Maintenance 

Our property managers can deal with any required repairs. This is to relieve you of the time and effort that comes with arranging and monitoring the work of different tradespeople. 

Property Inspections 

As your managing agent, we will carry out regular property inspections. We do this to make sure your property is kept in good condition and that any maintenance and repairs can be carried out. 

Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals 

Our property managers are here to provide you with expert advice on market rents. We are also able to negotiate you the best rental return that your property can deliver. 

Cost Effective & Tax Deductible 

Property management through us is both competitive and cost effective. The money you spend on our managing agents’ fees is also tax deductible. 

Rent Collection & Accounting 

Our reliable team of property managers shoulder the responsibility for all aspects of property administration and accounting. This includes the collection of rent, insurance premiums and service charges, together with the payment of any outgoings. What’s more we provide regular, easy to understand statements of all income and expenditure. You can rest easy knowing we have a reliable system to prevent your property going in arrears. 

Regular Reports 

Our property managers provide you with regular property reports. This ensures you are always aware of everything relating to your property. We particularly let you know about your incomings and outgoings, with comments on how your net income might be affected. 

Highest Yield 

Our property managers work hard to ensure you get the highest returns possible. An increase in return can really offset any outlay in employing your managing agent. 


If you need information on insurance, we can advise you on the most suitable insurance products to help maintain your property.