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Spiros Mikronis

Licenced Real Estate Agent


Spiros has been a real estate agent for 20 years (with his wife Angela), and in customer service for 40 years.

They have owned and run businesses together for over 30 years. In that time they have learnt to deal with many different personality types, which has enabled them to become the pinnacle of negotiators.

Spiros has a clear understanding of the principles in assisting and understanding his client’s needs: LISTENING, COMMUNICATING, and achieving GREAT results for them. With this dedication Spiros has received many referrals and recommendations;

"A friend who had dealt with them previously and found them to be very ethical and honest real estate people referred Spiros and Angela to me. I must say that I know this to be true since meeting them and selling my home with them".


Over the years with several hundred clients, both sellers and buyers, Spiros has achieved several awards due to his diligence, persistence, negotiating skills and marketing strategies.

Spiros and Angela have been joined by another generation in their family continuing the real estate passion, Rebekah. Together they are TEAM MIKRONIS.

They have further support from a professional Sales Team and Property Investment Team who only want the best for their clients.

For an honest, reliable and informative discussion for ALL your real needs and wants call:

Spiros Mikronis (Team Mikronis)

“Let our Family help your Family”


Kassanne Pty Ltd ATF Mikronis Family Trust in conjunction with Australian Asia Pacific Property Pty Ltd ATF AAPP Sales Trust T/as Raine & Horne Cleveland