Why choose Raine & Horne

Standing out
Raine & Horne's famous yellow and black colours are synonymous with real estate in Australia. This demonstrates the power of the Raine & Horne brand.

The Raine & Horne name is marketed across a broad range of media, with millions of dollars spent in print, television, radio, outdoor media and e-marketing advertising every year. This means any property listed with Raine & Horne is going to be noticed by more potential buyers because of the brand’s reach and power.

The Raine & Horne brand, married with our innovative marketing programs, is a powerful resource that significantly increases your chances of achieving the best price for your property.

Research on public perception indicates Raine & Horne is rated as one of Australia’s highest profile real estate companies, with extremely high recall among buyers and sellers. The Raine & Horne brand is well respected and represents the highest in professional trust and integrity. This consistency of reputation and results increases the confidence of sellers and buyers, as it reduces risk.

Put simply, people are more likely to contact a company they know rather than one they have scarcely heard of. This is the Raine & Horne marketing advantage.

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A heritage of success
From Wentworth Court, Elizabeth Street, Sydney in 1883

Raine & Horne was established in Sydney, Australia, in 1883 by its founders Tom Raine and Joseph Horne. Since the beginning, Raine & Horne has adhered to a set of business practices that focussed on total commitment to personalised service and exceeding client expectations. The growth and achievement that has come from this commitment has made Raine & Horne the envy of its competition.

The Raine & Horne story is remarkable. The company has more than simply survived periods of boom, recession and bust – it has flourished and continues to excel. Raine & Horne has experienced considerable growth over the years and this growth shows no signs of abating.

When the company was first started, the responsibilities of a land agent were all-encompassing and included everything from residential sales to valuation and rent collection. This broad background was the foundation on which Raine & Horne built its reputation and expertise.

Over the latter half of last century, this full-service real estate network experienced remarkable growth and sales firepower. This success was underpinned by a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour. The concept of the 'family' company (four generations) is never overlooked and is the difference that has contributed significantly to the strength of the Raine & Horne brand in the marketplace.

Today more than 4000 people work under the Raine & Horne banner in a network of hundreds of offices throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. Raine & Horne also has more than 40 offices throughout the world, cementing the company’s position as one of the strongest real estate networks nationally and internationally.

The Raine & Horne story is inextricably linked to the growth and progress of Australia’s real estate industry. The company’s ability to expand in varying economic conditions over the decades has kept it at the forefront of the industry. Today, Raine & Horne is set to maintain and strengthen its position as an industry leader.



Networked service

Each office is independently owned and controlled by its proprietors who operate under a common set of objectives, policies and procedures. Each has access to comprehensive resources available through the Raine & Horne network.

These resources include immediate, specialised knowledge and advice regarding local trends and market conditions, thanks to our inter-office referral system for buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees.

All advertising undertaken on behalf of our clients benefits from Raine & Horne’s strong corporate image, which boasts striking impact, maximum exposure and a better overall response.

Raine & Horne’s vast resources, including our strong national and international network, give our offices a competitive advantage. This distinctive edge has resulted in Raine & Horne consistently being listed as a leading real estate organisation with one of the highest sales turnovers in the nation.

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In Australia

From small beginnings in Sydney in 1883, Raine & Horne has grown into one of the largest and most respected real estate practices in Australia. We have achieved this reputation by consistent delivery of excellence and professionalism in every aspect of service.

Raine & Horne has offices in the capital city of every Australian state and territory and many more offices in regional cities, suburbs, coastal and country areas.

Raine & Horne is a leading real estate organisation that provides truly comprehensive real estate sales, leasing, management and consulting services to our clients, large or small.

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International services

The Raine & Horne team believe that the provision of client services should not begin or end at geographic borders - state, national or international.

With increasing economic globalisation, Raine & Horne anticipated that the company would best serve its clients with an international structure. Accordingly, Raine & Horne extended its network and now has more than 40 offices around the world.

As with any other commercial endeavour, knowledge is power and in the international arena, power is everything. These worldwide offices provide an invaluable source of local demographic and market information for clients. They also provide clients with a platform to market their property internationally in a well-informed, cost effective and direct way.

Raine & Horne is a success not only because it employs the best people, but also because it aligns itself with the best organisations internationally. This enables our offices in Australia to promote your property to the international marketplace, saving you thousands.

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Training for success

An ongoing investment in client service

Raine & Horne offices participate in personal development programs run by the Raine & Horne National Learning Academy. The Academy is government approved and registered by VETAB and is regarded as a benchmark for real estate training in Australia.

To achieve our enviable reputation as one of the industry’s leading trainers, the Raine & Horne National Learning Academy uses the best trainers and speakers from within the Raine & Horne network and invites external experts, when required, to share their expertise and knowledge. To ensure each office is operating at its optimum level, Raine & Horne is committed to investing in the ongoing training and coaching of proprietors to ensure the highest level of service.

As well as offering statutory programs, the Academy has a range of accredited, world-class training programs. Specific attention has been given to the implementation of personal development programs focusing on performance enhancement. Areas of expertise include property marketing, negotiation techniques, buyer, vendor and client communications, auction and private treaty, property management, administration, information technology, business management, business planning and growth strategies.

The ultimate goal of the Academy is to ensure Raine & Horne retains its reputation as a premier real estate network in Australia. Known and admired for the professionalism of its offices, Raine & Horne continue to be a market leader in providing the highest levels of customer service.