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Property Management

Let us do the hard work for you!

Why choose Raine Horne to
manage your property?
  • Save time
Not every property investor has the time or enjoys dealing with day-to-day management problems and responsibilities. Raine&Horne property managers remove this burden from landlords. They maximise advantages, minimise outgoings and ensure the property has the lowest possible vacancy rate.
  • Communication 
Raine&Horne property managers understand the importance of communication and ensure you are kept well informed on all aspect of your investment.
  • Qualified staff
Raine&Horneprides itself on the quality of its people. Property managers are highly qualified and receive regular in-house and external training to ensure they are kept up to date on industry trends, changes and new legislation.
  • Application form
Every tenant is required to complete a detailed application form.Raine&Horne property managers verify their identification, financial position, employment and check on their previous rental history.
  • Local knowledge
Local knowledge can mean the difference between an average and an excellent return on your investment. Through Raine&Horne’s network of offices, your property manager has information available relating to vacancy levels and emerging trends to give clients the edge.
  • Reports
Raine&Horne provides regular reports to ensure you are aware of all activities relating to your property. Particular emphasis is given to rentals and outgoings, with comments on how net income might be affected.
  • Cost effective and tax-deductible
Apart from the fact that managing agents’ fees are tax deductible, Raine&Horne is also extremely competitive and cost-effective.