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Investor Newsletter - Dec 2016

Local Area / Team News

Raine & Horne Double Bay/ Bondi Beach have achieved some great results in the last quarter of the year. We have recently acquired the management of two new properties in which we have successfully achieved a rental increase of $400 per week and the other a significant $1000 per week. – This is evidence that there are property managers out there that get complacent and coast.  Our vacancy rate has been consistently low over the last quarter. As indicated in our stats at the bottom of the page, although numbers are slightly down on the month before because of the holiday season, they are up from this time last year which shows strong demand.  As standard for this time of the year we secure 14 month leases instead of 12, to ensure the property is not vacate for the holiday season next year.

Wishing you Season’s Greetings and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! We look forward to servicing your property needs in 2017.

Ric Serrao & Martin Maskin on behalf of our Property Management team Ramsy Batshon, Helen Vlachos, Stacey Heath, Tom Clifton, Matthew Williams, Jordan L’Estrange, Mathew Serrao, Megan Riddoch, Ric Daniel & Nikola Simonovic.   

Referrals are Rewarding!

Do you have other investment properties we can manage for you? Consolidate them all under our management for consistency as well as other benefits. We effectively manage property across all of Sydney, not just the Eastern Suburbs.

Or perhaps you know someone with an investment property who is not satisfied with their current property manager? If so, please contact Raine & Horne Double Bay/ Bondi Beach on 9327 7971 for a high level of consistent service.  

Activity This Month

Our overall current Occupancy Rate is 0.2%

We regularly track our Agency activities and results via monthly performance indicators. These indicators are also a great way for you to follow the rental market activity, particularly the fluctuation in activity month by month, which shows trends, seasonal supply and demands and marketing success. You may find the following information of interest!

ACTIVITY : Number of:



Prospective Tenants inspecting available Rentals



Tenancy Applications Received



Properties Rented including Lease Renewals




Top Tips for your pool after a storm


When heavy rain, strong winds and severe storms hit, your pool needs extra care to ensure it's safe and healthy.

Typically after heavy rain fall, a pool will require flocs, phosphate removers and adjuster chemicals, but always start with the basics after bad weather strikes and check these things first:

  1. Rain heavily dilutes chemicals, especially chlorine and salt. Add extra chlorine, even if you have a salt system, to prevent the levels dropping too low and minimise time for algae to bloom.
  2. Check that none of your electrical equipment (e.g pump, chlorinator) have been damaged by the weather and that no puddles have formed around them. If a safety issue has been presented, contact a professional right away.

Storms cause:

  • Debris & damage to equipment and surfaces.
  • Motor burnout/fusion.
  • Dilution of chlorine, salt and other chemicals, reducing their effectiveness.
  • Additional phosphates can wash into your pool. Phosphate is food for algae, meaning a potential green pool.
  • Electricity and safety issues, such as pumps and lights, short circuiting or blowing out.

After a storm:

  • Balance your pool water and correct any chemical imbalance. Bring a water sample into Poolwerx and we can quickly analyse it and advise you what you need to get your pool back in balance
  • Make sure you call a professional for all electrical issues.

Source: Poolwerx, 2016


From everyone here at Raine & Horne Double Bay/Bondi Beach, we wish you all a very safe and happy festive season and look forward with working with you in the New Year.


IMPORTANT:  This is not advice.  Clients and Customers should not act solely on the basis of the material contained in this newsletter.  Items herein are general comments only and do not constitute or convey advice per se.  The newsletter is issued as a helpful guide to Clients and Customers and is for their private information.  Every effort is made to ensure the contents are accurate at the time of publication.  We take no responsibility for any subsequent action that may arise from the use of this newsletter.
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