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Christian Fry

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Double Bay | Bondi Beach

Sales Agent & Director, Redfox International

A little about Christian …

A former hit recording artist, who achieved worldwide success in the 1990s, Christian has traded the recording studio for a career in property and hasn’t looked back.

Christian believes his accomplishments in the competitive music industry, as a recording artist, songwriter and producer, has equipped him with a unique skillset for his real estate journey.

In the decade plus since he began his foray into property, Christian has become highly regarded for his high-achiever personality, a strong attention to detail and a desire for success.

Why can Christian help you?

A commitment to offering his clients first-class service, and a proven track record of maintaining remarkable results, Christian attributes his achievements in property to his positive approach to sales.

Apart from selling magnificent properties in some of the most prestigious suburbs in our region, well-connected Christian specialises in selling significant sites across Sydney to residential developers.  

A perfect mix of skillful negotiating, coupled with energy, empathy and consistency, ensure clients are always put first, giving Christian an edge over his counterparts in the industry.