Help is at hand

Finding the right home loan can be a daunting task, especially with so many products on the market; then there’s all the paperwork involved. But with these helpful hints you can make your loan application process a smooth one.

Have your documents ready: Lenders have cracked down on their lending policies over the last 24 months, so it helps to have clear documentation proving your income, liabilities and living expenses. The more documentation you can provide, the less likely a lender will delay the processing of your loan application.

Show genuine savings: A savings record is important to most lenders. If you can show that you can manage your money – including an ability to save while repaying credit cards, covering your rent and other expenses – you’ll improve your position with lenders.
Matters of the heart: Single? Coupled? Kids? Your living situation can impact your borrowing capabilities.

Think about how your circumstances may impact your borrowing – now and in the future – and be realistic about what you can afford.

Talk to the experts: With thousands of mortgages on the market, why not recruit in the experts to help you track down the best mortgage for your needs. We offer unbiased advice on all aspects of finding a loan and we can even help to arrange the first home owners grant plus coordinate the whole application process. Give us a call and we’ll explain how we work.

Source: Lending Services Victoria