Change of shared Tenancy


Change of shared Tenancy will need to completed if there is a 'swap over' of tenants residing at the property (ie. someone moving out and another moving in to take their place).
f there is a change of tenants during a lease please contact our office on 07 4972 4044 to get a full run down of the process that must follow.


Note: A tenant cannot sub-let or allow an extra person to reside at the property without first getting the owners permission.

If you wish to:

Add an extra person to the lease:
Have them complete a 'Rental Application' 

Have someone move in as an approved applicant only (keep their name/s off the lease):  
Have them complete an 'Approved Applicant' 

 Once the correct form is completed please submit the form along with the required Identification / documentation to our office.

Please click here for our office details.