O/C Management


Our firm specialises in Real Estate Services  and Owners Corporation Management in the Hume and Moreland area. We currently manage in excess of 300 owners corporation.

Raine & Horne Glenroy are members of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and Anthony Romano is an REIV accredited Owners Corporation Manager.

Services our firm offers to owners corporation are:


  • Attend and conduct Annual General Meetings.
  • Prepare and circulate the agenda and current financial statement to all owners.
  • Circulate minutes of meetings and act upon and follow through with resolutions passed at meetings.
  • Meetings can be held in our office or at the property.


  • Invoice and collect all owners corporation fees & levies.
  • Pursue outstanding debts/fees/levies.
  • Prepare Annual Statement of Income & Expenditure for the owners corporation.
  • Prepare proposed budget for following financial year.
  • Pay monthly accounts.
  • Pay contractors invoices for non-recurrent work performed for the owners corporation.
  • Attend to all accounting records.


  • Co-ordinate routine maintenance works for which the owners corporation is responsible.
  • Attend to all emergency and urgent matters as required.
  • Make regular inspections of the property.
  • Obtain quotations on behalf of the owners corporation for non-major maintenance work as required.


  • Arrange owners corporation insurance for building, common property, Public Liability, etc. as instructed by owners corporation members.
  • Arrange personal contents insurance (if requested).
  • Prepare and process all owners corporation insurance claims.


  • Maintain all records of the owners corporation, including minutes of meetings, register of owners, records of account, correspondence files and notices.
  • Attend to correspondence and enquiries from solicitors, prospective purchasers, etc.
  • Prepare Owners Corporation Certificates for sale of units/flats.


  • Enforce Standard / Additional Rules as required by the owners corporation.
  • Attend to all queries concerning the owners corporation.
  • Act as an impartial arbitrator in disputes amongst owners.


Our Management Policy is that the role of decision-making remains with the owners corporation members at all times.  We guarantee to perform all the duties required of an owners corporation manager on behalf of all members.