Finding a Property Manger

Finding a Property Manager.


A good managing agent should have a thorough knowledge and understanding of tenancy laws and assist you by ensuring your rights and responsibilities as the landlord are met.  All manageing agents are required to be licensed by the office of Fair Trading

A good managing agent will assit you in:

  • finding a suitable tenant
  • ensuring the tenancy agreement is correctly completed and signed
  • lodging the rental bond with the Office of Fair Trading

Dealing with your tenants on a day to day basis, such as:

  • collecting the rent and maintaining accurate rent records and receipts
  • arranging repairs to the property
  • conducting property inspections
  • handling disputes that may arise.

We contact you immediately if we become aware of a tenant's breach of the tenancy agreement.

Property management agreements

As your managing agent, you will need to enter into a written contract called a Property Management Agreement.  The terms, commissions and some conditions of the agreement are negotiable.

What your Managing Agent does

At the outset, we

  • Provide your tenant with a written residential tenancy agreement (lease). 
  • Provide your tenant with a list of all entry costs
  • Ensure the residential premises are reasonabley clean and fit to live in
  • Lodge any rental bond money with the Office of Fair Trading within 7 days

Complete three copies of a Residential Premises Condition Report at the start of each tenancy.  Give two copies of the completed report to the tenant, at or before the beginning of the tenancy.  Your tenant is required to review the report, indicate whether or not they agree with the listed descriptions of the condition of the property, sign both copies and return one to you within seven days. 

During the tenancy

As your agents, we assist you with the following:

  • Maintain the premises in a reasonable state of repair with non-urgent repairs completed in a timely manner
  • Organise urgent repairs as soon as reasonably possible after having been notified by the tenant of the fault or damage.
  • Issue receipts for all payments made by your tenants, except where rent is paid into an account or by direct debit or is electronically transferred
  • Pay for all council rates, land taxes, sewerage and water service charges on your behalf
  • Ensure the property is safe and secure
  • Ensure your tenants reasonable peace, privacy and quiet enjoyment of the rented premises is not interrupted.
  • Conduct regular rental reviews to maximise your investmen

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