Shae Courtenay – Supervisor, Routines Manager

Well it is a little scary to think that I have been in Real Estate since 1980 – starting in an office at The Entrance, with sales, residential management’s holiday managements and also an Insurance brokerage.  Some three to four years later, after I had left, they replaced me with 2 full time staff and 1 casual.

It seemed that it was destiny to end up in Real Estate. My very first position was a Registration Clerk for a Sydney solicitor, attending settlements and exchange of contracts, and searching title deeds.  The daughter of a builder, I found that those childhood years paid off, with my understanding of building, insurance, legal and accounting requirements.

Since 1980 I have worked in the Upper North Shore and with some great offices on the Central Coast.  Even owning my own Property Management business.  I have facilitated over the Property Management module of the Real Estate Course at TAFE and complied and presented a day course directed at the “Private Landlord” at the local Adult Education College.

I am very happily single with my greatest achievement my 30 year son, who is a Fire Rescue Officer in Sydney.  I continue my childhood love of horses and thought I would never own a little dog after having Dobermans but “Buzz” my mini foxie is the best.

Being a “Foodie” way before Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules I am also a qualified Commercial Cook and think nothing of preparing:  “Crispy Skin Salmon with Truffle Oil Mash, steamed green beans served with a Bueure Blanc sauce and Balsamic Reduction Glaze” for One.