Sales Department

Service - Our Point of Difference

Our real estate specialists are dedicated to providing custom-tailored solutions and high standards of advice.

We take a pragmatic approach to solving problems, prioritizing our customers’ specific needs in the area of real estate.

Our business strategy is different to most agencies we don’t run a large number of agents. We prefer to run a unique high performance sales team.

We have an appreciation of the requirements of all our clients and customers in all price ranges, recognising each individual client.

Combining our sense of traditional values and our high standard of services we listen closely to what our clients really want and need.

We offer a handpicked team based on individual experiences and a passion for our industry who take our profession seriously.

As a dynamic team, we work together to ensure that you receive the very best service.

We aim to ensure that we exceed your expectations listening closely and learning what is important to the needs of both buyers and sellers.

Our sales team is supported closely by a team of dedicated professionals, each focused on streamlining the entire marketing and sales process.