Admin.Officer-Customer Service

Crispin Gilles joined our Office team in  2012 with good amount of experience and knowledge in IT support as well a firm understanding in Office Administration, Online Visual Designing, Retail Operations and Arts which offers his co-workers and staff at the office a wide range of skills to draw from.

Crispin is also responsible for our Customer Service Support, working closely with customers and offices alike as well as supporting our Receptionist, Sales Team and the Property Manager in their day to day activities, schedules and events.

He takes great pride in meeting & greeting customers, handling numerous enquiries, co-ordinating and supporting the management team in numerous day to day running of the family business.

He is currently looking forward to finishing a degree in Business Management besides working in the real estate industry and has completed his Agent’s Rep. His commitment to the business and honesty plays a great role in getting the company to the next level.

Email: [email protected]