Linley Gilles - Director / Licensed Estate Agent

Linley has been at the forefront in the introduction of leading services and staff training, owns and operates the Raine & Horne Hallam Office. He  brings over 20 years of working experience in various fields and has an extremely strong technical background, excellent customer service & marketing skills. Undertaken and provided various training in numerous fields. Linley has seen a few booms & a few recessions and has one of the most extensive and successful careers overseas and here in Australia.
 In the 80s , Linley had also worked in the Airlines. He believes customer service is more than a department and that every employee represents the company. A strong will & dedication to his career means that his clients can rely on a level of focus & commitment that they are unlikely to find elsewhere. Linley is fun loving, friendly & a sociable person. He enjoys playing cricket in his free time & a good sportsman. Also enjoys spending time with his wife & 2 sons.
When you are looking to Buy or Sell property, Linley is around the corner!
Call 0425 857 126 to have all your property needs met.
Linley Gilles
0425 857 126
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